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Image by Scott Warman
Image by Haley Truong

Q:  What’s a Social Club?

A:  It’s a bit of a throwback to days when we were focused less on technology, a fast-pace, and “noise”.  It’s a place for people to gather, socialize, relax and enjoy a libation or two. 


Q: Are you a private club? 

A:  No, we are welcoming to all. There’s no membership, nothing to sign up for, nothing to do but relax and enjoy.   


Q:  A piano player?  Like dueling pianos or sing along?

A:  While some of our players might be the same ones that you’ve seen at a dueling piano show, our players are there to provide some background music that you’ll recognize, to chat with, or to take a request.  We’re not going to ask you to leave if you happen to sing along though! 


Q:  Can my children or those under 21 come along?

A:  For public hours, unfortunately no.  For private events, this is fine although those under 21 will not be permitted to drink alcohol, even if a parent/guardian is present.  Proper ID will be requested.


Q: Do you have wi-fi?

A:  We do have wi-fi which is needed at many of our private events.  However, After is a great place to put your phone away and enjoy one another’s company.  


Q:  Can I coordinate a special “x” with you? (A special drink, a proposal, flowers, a note, whatever…)?  

A:  Sure, we love doing whatever it takes to make your visit with us special.  Contact us beforehand and we’ll do our best.  We try to make the difficult “easy”, but just know the impossible may take us a little more time! 


Q:  Is there a cover charge or drink minimum?

A:  No, there is not. 


Q:  What about a dress code?

A:  Not really.  We’d like everyone to be comfortable, but maybe leave the tank tops, cut off shorts, and flip flops for another time.  Classy casual seems to be a good term. 

Q: Where should I park?
A:  Parking is available on the Nicolet Square parking lot adjacent to our club, or on surface streets.  If parking for a daytime event, please be mindful of parking time restrictions, which the City does enforce consistently. 

Q: I have reservations for a ComedyCity show.  Can I enter through After?  A: Generally, we prefer you to enter through the ComedyCity box office entrance on Main Avenue.  If you are already in After before the show, our staff will escort you. 


Q:  Is After handicapped accessible?

A: Absolutely.  Our entrance is street level and we have accessible restrooms. 



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